Tuesday, January 23, 2018

bicameral man

How do we know that bicameral man’s gods became silent or the voice in his right hemispehre became silent and what cause the voice in the right hemisphere to became silent. The voice left and went to heaven and became angels. How did man make this leap from having many gods to one god the ALL MIGHTY GOD in heaven? Making the leap to the consciousness feels physically painful and stressful my brain feels overloaded is this normal?



  1. Steve Fagan says:

    A mentality shift will cause stress and discomfort. Remember: when making a change you are getting out of a comfort zone and growing. Whenever we move out of our comfort zone we need to be aware of some discomfort and prepare to allow ourselves to move through the discomfort and move forward and upward in our growth. Remember: life is about growing and continue development.

  2. vicente san martin jr says:

    Hey Steve I have been seeing some fear in my self as to reading the heirloom books i was wanting to know why is that happening ? or my mind will start paceing real fast so there is times when i can not read till late at night but i do try to read but would like to do it when i wake up frist thing

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