Wednesday, September 20, 2017

People Power

Steve & Charlie, I shared this on the Discussion Forum in reply to Elaine Ray’s 20-minute sharing video post and I think it is also important here.

“Oh, Elaine such informed KNOWLEDGE!!!

This I want to share especially with you and of course others who desire no debt.


____WHEN FILLED OUT PROPERLY by the county clerk accompanied with the “inked version/the original PROMISSORY NOTE” taken to your County USD OF AGRICULTURE RURAL DEVELOPMENT OFFICE can be just “stamped–PAID IN FULL”. DEBT IS simply dissolved.

I personally heard the person here where I live say–”On this form is most of the time just used by banks, manisapalities (misspelled) and some corporations. Individuals usually do not use it.”

Our signature is collateral so individuals can use it. I ‘know of’ one who did just that and lo and behold he is debt free.

We got our copy direct from their office in person–they were quite reluctant to give it to us, but with persistence and not leaving till we got it, she finally complied.

I surely hope a lot of you visit your county seat—-that surely would help a lot of citizens!!

My 2-cents for today!

Love to all, JoAnn



  1. Hi JoAnne, Yes I put forth alot of valuable information that can be used to help people understand the elector process. I felt that there needed to be some type of documentary to help people understand the process. Yes this pertains to CA, and things are different in each state. I don’t know what the information pertaining to debt reduction is referencing.

    I think that it is valuable information and I wish you would go into a little more detail pertaining to the processes that you mention. It sounds to good to be true. But then again, we should all be responsible for our debts and not find away to excape them; however, it seems that we are learning from our government banking system that it is all too easy to get bailed out of debt.

    I try to live within my means and even so, I find it difficult in today’s economy to escape indebitness. Glad you signed up for the web conference. With much love. Elaine

  2. JoAnn Cooksey Selmont says:

    Elaine, This form,

    if found on the Internet is NOT the correct one. One must go to the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE RURAL DEVELOPMENT in the County Seat to acquire the correct copy. One may find them reluctant to give a copy to anyone, but with persistence they will comply. Maybe every county does not have this US-DARD office–one would have to check where the nearest one is located.

    The RD 451-20 form MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by the original ‘inked’ copy of the Promissory Note. Your or anyone’s name must be entered four different times ‘small lower case printed in full’, ‘small lower case written in full’, ‘signature’ and ‘PRINTED IN ALL CAPITALS’. From what I understand each version has a different reference meaning. The $-amount is above the top line of the ‘box’. That is all I can remember. The clerks in the County Seat KNOW HOW THE FORMS NEED TO BE FILLED OUT—SO ASK.

    I WOULD THINK THIS WOULD BE GOOD FOR ANY ABOUT-TO-BE FORECLOSED MORTGAGES on homes. In reality the banks have already been paid for the loans and they are collecting the second time from ‘the owners–the people” who live there. I was told this by someone ‘who knows’ how the financial bank systems work. Through me it is second-hand information.

    Elaine I don’t know if this helps any more or not. Love to all, JoAnn

    • Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for the great information.

      Isn’t it true that the only one who has the original “inked” copy of the Promissory Note is the Bank or its servicing company. If so, then submitting anything other that be considered a fraud? So how did you or anyone get this document?


  3. James Wright says:

    I read this passage on RD 451-20 today. Does this still work? I live in Suffolk, Va. I am looking
    to try and save my home. I May 7th is when the loan goes into a foreclosure status because I lost
    my job 6 months ago and fell behind 3 payments on my mortgage. Can anyone guide me in the right

  4. hello Guys,
    i live in chattanooga, Tn, (Hamilton co), i am having problems with my mortgage, the post was very help, im trying to find where in my State the nears office is , so i can get the Form RD 451-20, i really need this mortgage to be paid in full, i am a student of your Mark Hamilton. Thanks for all of your wisdom, and teaching skill on life. If anyone has more information please Email me. At
    my name is Delmar

  5. spittman says:

    Greetings I have been researching this subject in regard to The County Supervisor, I am in Missouri. When I reviewed this form it say to mail to the County Supervisor. What is the address? If there is an office here should I just call an ask for the County Supervisor here in Missouri?

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